İnönü Plant

Brand New Beginning in Automotive Industry

Subsequent to the agreement between Koç and Ford in 1959, Otosan took the first step in automotive industry with the first truck assembled in 1960. F600 line trucks were assembled in Otosan until 1966. The production volume of D Line consisting of D750 and D1210 models exceeded 65 thousand units between 1966-1983, and Ford Cargo line trucks became the market leader.

Future Grounds

The foundation of İnönü Plant was laid in 1979 to manufacture domestic engines and trucks, and the production was commenced in 1982. The plant was formally opened on 7th July 1986.

History Making Lines

We have commenced manufacturing Cargo line trucks with Dovertech engines in 1985. Cargo 1812 model was manufactured between 1985-1998, and in 1998 it gave its place to Cargo 98MY which was to be manufactured until 2003.

100% Turkish Manpower, 100% Domestic Production

We have commenced manufacturing H298 line Cargo trucks and 100% domestic Ecotorq engine featuring 7.3l displacement and 260PS/320PS/360PS/380PS power with 100% Turkish manpower in 2003. We have continued to expand the Cargo product range with inclusion of H476 line, tow trucks and road trucks featuring one hundred percent domestic 9.0L Ecotorq engines in 2007.

Global Vision, Competitive Products

New Cargo Construction Line was launched in 2010 in phases and we have commenced the production of Ecotorq Euro5 engines. We have commenced the production of Ford Cargo 1846T Tow Truck offering the most competitive power and torque in its segment at low speeds thanks to its 460 PS/2100 Nm engine power, and launched the model in 2012 meeting the expectations of domestic or international carriers.

From Turkey to China

We have executed a technology license agreement in 2013 with JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle Co., Ltd. With this agreement, Ecotorq engines are now manufactured for JMC brand vehicles in world’s largest truck market China.

New Generation on the Way.

New Generation 9l and 13l Ecotorq engines developed and manufactured by one hundred percent Ford Otosan engineering delivering E3, E5, and E6 emission values will be launched in 2016. Investment value of new generation Ecotorq engines exceed USD 100 million.