Conditions, cities, roads, climates… They all change,

Road Truck is Ford Trucks. Now that remains unchanged.

How many cities did you drive to? What kinds of roads did you drive on? Your loads were already heavy, you asked for comfort and economy as well. You asked, Ford Trucks delivered. You are the ones that we are the first brand to come into mind for many years when it comes to road trucks. Thus, we are proud to present New Road Series from Ford Trucks. Because we know you inside out.

You will drive profits at every mile with the New Road Series, capable of 100% adapting to all conditions, understanding economy, and delivering comfort to the fullest extent, and drive on all kinds of road with comfort thanks to its brand new ergonomic cab. No worries; you are always safe thanks to the disc brakes and integrated engine brake which both now comes as standard. You will feel the difference to the fullest extent with automated transmission for new 13-liter Ecotorq engine versions, Intarder option and rear air suspension option ensuring transporting fragile loads with highest level of safety.

Are you looking for 4x2 or 8x2? Are you looking for street sweepers or garbage trucks? Or do you need ADR trucks or Low Liner trucks suitable for volume cargo transportation? Whatever conditions of use and superstructure you are looking for; you will get it with Ford Trucks Road Series. We are eager to accompany you with all kinds of cargo. How about it?