Company Information

The Tadano Group

The Tadano Group continues to expand globally as we develop, produce, distribute and service high-quality lifting equipment around the world.


Tadano Faun GmbH
Tadano Faun GmbH

Since Europe is the place where all terrain crane manufacture traces its beginnings, Tadano Faun GmbH in Germany fittingly serves as the development and production center for our all terrain crane products. Additionally, Tadano Faun Stahlbau GmbH, a joint-venture parts manufacturer, enhances this facility's production capabilities.

Tadano UK Ltd. was established in 2014 to serve the United Kingdom and Ireland markets, and Tadano France SAS was established in 2016.

North America

Tadano Mantis Corp.
Tadano Mantis Corp.

Tadano Mantis Corporation (formerly Span Deck Inc.) joined the Tadano Group in 2008. It develops and produces telescopic boom crawler cranes and, in conjunction with Tadano's Research and Development Division, it has recently succeeded in developing its first rounded-boom crane, a technical achievement made possible by the synergy of the Tadano Group.

Tadano America Corp.
Tadano America Corp.

Tadano America Corporation was established as a strategic sales company in Houston, Texas in 1993, and it continues to expand the sales, distribution, and service of Tadano products in North America.

Asia / Middle East

Tadano (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tadano Thailand

Tadano (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 as a production site for truck loader cranes in Thailand, home to a dense concentration of automotive product and parts manufacturers. This plant will grow to meet demand for truck loader cranes, primarily in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other strategic markets.

BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Tadano established the BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co., Ltd. joint venture, one step ahead of its U.S. and European competitors looking to expand into the Chinese market. This entity manufactures and sells mobile cranes. Its establishment included the integration of hydraulic parts and metal parts manufacturers, to efficiently expand its business, primarily in the area of truck crane manufacture.

Other sales locations, such as the Middle East Office, Tadano Asia Pte Ltd., and Tadano India Pvt. Ltd. are also conducting activities to enhance our sales and service system in Asia.

Other Regions

Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 2010 to serve greater Oceania, and Tadano Brasil Equipamentos de Elevação Ltda. was established in Brazil in 2011. Tadano Panama S.A. was established in 2014 to serve other Caribbean, Central and South American Markets.