UD Trucks
Quon CF-CZ_interior

Easy driving for everyday efficiency

The Quon cabin is designed for driver comfort and everyday efficiency. The ergonomic drivers environment with wide field of view and easy access to instruments and controls helps the driver to stay focused on the road ahead. The control panel for the snow clearance unit is carefully positioned for easy handling. And a powerful climate system with powerful defroster ensures high cabin comfort during long shifts.

Seated in comfort

The driver’s seat features a large head restraint and can be adjusted in a range of ways to ensure maximum comfort, even during long shifts.

Air suspension cabin

The Quon cabin is mounted via a 4-point wide-tread air suspension mounting system, improving cabin stability and enhancing overall driving comfort. It also helps minimize roll when the truck is turning.

Efficient windscreen wipers

Triple-bladed wipers on the windscreen and twin-bladed wipers on the rear window ensure excellent visibility, even during heavy sowing.