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We stand behind our name for more than 65 years of experience in the market, with well-earned reputation for dependable personal service to a world class list of government and private customers. CIC stand ready to service and satisfy its customer needs.

We stock large inventory of spare parts to meet our customers demand and comply with their needs when parts is needed.

Our commitments to competitive pricing policy that take care of our customer budget in consideration and we look for the long-term business.

The Mutual relation and feedback with our customers play a major role in how our company functions and in the products that we source.

Training of our staff is very important to cope with the new development and products and to meet our customer's needs.

Teamwork is our way to be leader in the market.


Why Using Original Equipment Parts Is Important?

The parts in your vehicle go to work every time you hit the road. Just as the people that work on your vehicle should be qualified and well-trained experts, the parts they use in the repair should be designed, engineered and recommended specifically for your vehicle.

A part that fits properly and is designed for your vehicle will not only help it perform better, it'll last longer as well – which means you'll save money by replacing fewer parts, less often.

Manufacturer Genuine Parts are excellent choice when it comes to performance, longevity and value. And you know they parts you use are going to perform like they should.

Choose the Right Parts

Whether it's service at the dealership or a repair you do yourself, the parts you use make a difference.

If you work on your vehicle yourself, or if you have someone else service your vehicle, you should always use parts specifically designed and engineered to perform like the ones that came on your vehicle. You'll get the best performance and longevity out of your repair.