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Road Side Assist package

"Ford Road Assist"

Ford Road Assist staff is fully qualified to assist Ford owners all the way from providing general advice over the phone, right through to providing roadside service in the unlikely event of an emergency breakdown.

Ford Road Assist provides complimentary Ford Road Assist to Ford, Mercury retail customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

Ford Road Assist is solely dedicated to the support of Ford owners and provides a comprehensive range of services at no charge.

  1. Obtaining Assistance
  2. Please have the following information ready when calling Ford Road Assist:

    • VIN of your vehicle (which can be found on your Ford Road Assist card or vehicle registration card).
    • Registration number of your vehicle.
    • Your exact location.
    • Your contact telephone number.

    Calls to Ford Road Assist may be recorded for quality and training purposes. This will also assist in confirming details of a call that may be incomplete or unclear.

  3. Coverage Period
  4. The vehicle is covered for the length of its manufacturer warranty regardless of any change in ownership during this period.

    Ford 3 years or 60,000 km

    Ford Road Assist will not be liable to pay for or provide roadside assistance services required, directly or indirectly, due to:

    • Adverse weather conditions such as high winds, sand and hail storms, snow, floods etc.
    • Any costs resulting from eligible vehicle being kept in an un-roadworthy condition, or not being serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
    • Terrorism, civil disturbances or riots and actions by the armed or security forces or organizations.

    Ford Road Assist will not be liable to pay for the cost of:

    • Any expenses incurred without the prior authorization of Ford Road Assist.
    • Any assistance or services arranged by or on behalf of the customer without the prior authorization of Ford Roadside Assist.
    • Any costs of repairs to the covered vehicle or any other vehicle.
    • Any medical assistance or care for the owner, driver or any other person.
    • Any consequential losses arising directly or indirectly from the breakdown.

    Fleet Customers are not covered under the Ford Road Assist program.

  5. Benefits
    • Towing or Removal of the Vehicle
    • Ford Road Assist will arrange for towing or other transportation of the vehicle to the nearest Ford, Mercury or Dealer, up to a US$150 limit. Road traffic accidents are not covered under this service.

    • Flat Tire Change
    • A flat, leaking or damaged tire will be changed free of charge. For this service, the spare tire must be in the vehicle and in good condition. If this service cannot be provided, the vehicle will be towed or transported to the nearest Ford, Mercury Dealer.
      Any repairs needed to fix a damaged tire and the costs associated with such repairs are the responsibility of the customer.

    • Battery Jump-Start
    • Ford Road Assist provides complimentary jump-starts. If the vehicle cannot be jump-started, the vehicle will be towed or transported to the nearest Ford, Mercury Dealer, up to a US$150 limit.
      Fuel Delivery

      If a vehicle runs out of fuel, enough fuel will be provided so that the vehicle can reach the nearest service station.

    • Lockout Assistance
    • Vehicle lockout assistance will be provided free of charge.
      We will endeavor to gain entry by the most practical method. However, should we be unable to secure entry, modern security systems may make a forced entry necessary. If this is the case, any cost for resulting damage will be your responsibility and you may be asked to sign a declaration stating that you have given permission for this.

  6. Ford Road Assist Contact Number
  7. UAE +971800 4131 KSA +966800 8971464
    Oman +96824571366 Lebanon +96101541257
    Bahrain +973800 00878 Jordan +962799772055
    Qatar +9744626626 Syria +9631144673350
    Kuwait +9654820011 International +97143322566

"Suzuki Road Assist"

package is provided complementary by CIC for each vehicle purchased.