Company Information

Production Sites

Head Office and Takamatsu Plant (Japan)

Head Office and Takamatsu Plant (Japan)Completion: 1959
Site Area: 69,622m²
Building Area: 13,665m²
Main Products: Aerial Work Platforms

Shido Plant (Japan)

Shido Plant (Japan)Completion: 1980
Site Area: 200,816m²
Building Area: 93,542m²
Main Products: All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes

Tadotsu Plant (Japan)

Tadotsu Plant (Japan)Completion: 2007
Site Area: 22,493m²
Building Area: 19,851m²
Main Products: Loader Cranes

Chiba Plant (Japan)

Chiba Plant (Japan)Completion: 2008
Site Area: 35,707m²
Building Area: 10,904m²
Main Products: Slide Carrier

Tadano Faun GmbH Plant (Germany)

TADANO FAUN GmbH (Germany)M&A: 1990
Site Area: 198,242m²
Building Area: 56,222m²
Main Products: All Terrain Cranes

BQ-Tadano (Beijing) Crane Co.,Ltd. Plant (China)

BQ-TADANO (Beijing) Crane Co.,Ltd. (China)Completion: 2004
Site Area: 120,000m²
Building Area: 36,000m²
Main Products: Truck Cranes

Tadano Mantis Corporation Plant (United States)

Tadano Mantis CorporationM&A: 2008
Site Area: 52,692m²
Building Area: 6,068m²
Main Products: Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes

Tadano (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Plant (Thailand)

TADANO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.(Tailand)Completion: 2013
Site Area: 29,083m²
Building Area: 6,030m²
Main Products: Loader Cranes